About  Healing and the Creative Response  by Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.
 (Brooks Goldmann Publ., 2010)

This book is a practical guide for anyone who wishes to develop as a healer or artist.  The easy to read format is also suitable for educational purposes.  It is the text for Dr. Randall-May’s Art of Healing class offered through the Energy Medicine University beginning Fall, 2009. 

144 pgs., 25 illustrations (most by the author) seven chapters plus CD covering the following topics:

Definition of healing with emphasis on spiritual and energetic healing
            Procedures for healing self and others using several approaches are described.
            both in-person and distance healing are included.
            Four Steps or Keys to Healing:
                        #1 Set Intention
                        #2 Relax and Clear
                        #3 Engage and Blend
                        #4 Attune to the Highest Love
            These steps also lead to greater creativity through what the
                        Author calls the Creative Response

Cay Randall-May describes the development of her intuitive and healing abilities.  She discusses Four Keys to spiritual and energetic healing which universally apply to other healing modalities and to creative expression in a wide range of modalities.  She relates her personal healing experiences and the impact they have had on her life.

Interviews of the following healers and intuitives who are artistic and artists who heal are featured in the book: Deborah Koff-Chapin;  Kris Thoeni;  Joseph Woods;
Karen Grace Kassy, MS; Carol Connor;  Jean Marie Youngstrom, MA;  Henry Sembach;  Lynne Keller; Gayle Coons; Pam Spizale; Shirley McKinley; Carol Secord, MA;  Marsha Craven, LMT, CCHT, RMT.;  Rebecca Goode,RNC, ACRN, LPC; and  Martina Steiger, Ph.T.