Suggested Interview Topics:

  1. What is healing?  In your book, Healing and the Creative Response, you state that healing is not necessarily the same as curing, please explain.
  2. Is the ability to heal self or others a special gift or can anyone learn to heal?
  3. What are the Four Keys to healing?
  4. Can applying the Four Keys help a person become more intuitive and creative?
  5. What are some common blocks to creativity and how can someone break through them?
  6. If I have a chronic illness does that mean I can’t become a healer?
  7. Can someone have a full career as an intuitive or healer and still have a balanced personal life? 
  8. I would like to become more intuitive, but am afraid that it would make me anxious or depressed because I wouldn’t be able to control my impressions. Can someone be both highly sensitive and emotionally balanced?
  9. Are energetic healing and energy medicine the same as spiritual healing, such as laying-on-of-hands prayer?
  10.  Do spiritual healers need to follow rigid dietary rules?  If so, what foods or drink should they or shouldn’t they use?


More suggested questions can be provided upon request.


Dr. Randall-May is also available to do intuitive readings during the interview.   She will provide intuitive information on a wide range of topics but for ethical reasons no specific medical advice which might be considered diagnostic or pertinent to treatment.  

She is available for personal consultation by appointment.  Further information about how to arrange an in-person or distant reading or healing will be provided on request.